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Home Why a Programmable Thermostat is Such a Good Idea
Why a Programmable Thermostat is Such a Good Idea
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Programmable HVAC thermostats offer Southwest Florida homeowners a host of benefits that give them an edge over conventional thermostat models. Large, full-color, high-definition touchscreen displays that offer a completely interactive, computer-like experience are just the beginning. When you look beyond the bells and whistles, you find some solid practical reasons for making this high-tech HVAC control technology a key part of your Fort Myers area heating and cooling strategy.

What Makes the Programmable Thermostat a Smart Choice?

The features many of these space age thermostatic command centers offer can increase your family’s indoor comfort while saving energy and giving you more versatile control over your HVAC system. Some of the latest technology’s most valuable features include the following:

  • Controls that let you program your thermostat based on your family’s normal daily routine
  • Remote control of some units from inside the house or from another location via WiFi using your smartphone or other internet-connected device
  • Automatic on/off and other controls based on the schedule and temperature settings you program
  • Ability to override your pre-set controls without altering the previously programmed schedule
  • Convenience of zoned heating and cooling, which allows you to program different time and temperature settings for different rooms in your home
  • Energy saving power that’s placed right into the palm of your hand, letting you control the cost of your home’s heating and cooling

Programmable HVAC Technology Simply Makes Sense

Making a programmable thermostat part of your energy saving HVAC strategy simply makes sense. Installing this technology in your home will bring you unprecedented ease and convenience, while adding monetary savings to the overall heating and cooling equation. Why not take advantage of Island Aire’s more than four decades of HVAC experience. Check out the Southwest Florida areas we serve from our Fort Myers location. Then give us a call at (239) 201-3946 to learn more about what programmable HVAC thermostat technology can do for your home.