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Home 6 Great Reasons to Chuck Your Window AC Units
6 Great Reasons to Chuck Your Window AC Units
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If you have window AC units in your Fort Myers, Florida, home you’re probably long overdue to upgrade to a better system. With the heat of summer lasting sometimes for 9 months of year, it’s hard to regulate the temperature of your home without a significant spike in your utility bills.

Your Air Quality Is Suffering

You may be surprised to learn that window units can compromise your indoor air quality. The filtration system for most window units isn’t as good as ductless systems or traditional HVAC systems. Since they are sometimes breeding grounds for mold and mildew, they need to be maintained and cleaned more often to avoid poor IAQ in your home.

If the maintenance and effectiveness of your window units is not as effective as it should be, plus considering the effect they are having on your IAQ, then consider upgrading to a mini-split system. These systems are easier to install and maintain, and they’ll make it easier to maintain good IAQ in your home.

Your Utility Bills Run High

Many people have window AC units because the investment in ductless systems is too high. What you should consider is that your high utility bills add up quickly. The sooner you replace your window units, the sooner you will start to see the savings on your utility bills. It’s relatively simple to do the math and see how long it will take to begin to reap savings from your investment. You will likely be surprised how quickly your investment will pay off when you upgrade your system.

You’re Selling Your Home

If you’re planning on putting your home on the market in the next few months or even the next couple years, you should consider chucking your window AC units. Many buyers see window units as an inefficient way to cool the home. Buyers will be hesitant to buy a house with window units — especially in Florida — because they know they will likely want to upgrade them shortly.

Upgrading your system before you put your home on the market will add to your monthly savings until you sell. The investment will also increase the value of your home. Furthermore, you will likely be able to sell your home faster, since buyers won’t be turned off by the added investment of upgrading the HVAC system after they move in.

Your Window AC Units Don’t Regulate the Temperature Well

During the hottest days of summer, it’s difficult to get an even temperature throughout your home with window units. Since the air only blows from the unit, there tends to be hot or cold spots in your home. It’s also challenging to manage the temperature in rooms where you don’t have a unit, causing some places to be much colder or warmer than others.

With a central heating or cooling system, you don’t have to worry about hot or cold spots or difficulty regulating the temperature in your home. Even ductless systems are designed to better heat or cool your home than window units, providing a more even temperature throughout your home.

You’re Considering Renovations

It’s understandable not to want to put in a central system by adding ductwork to your home. If you’re already doing renovations to your home, then that would be the time to add ductwork to your home to install a central heating and cooling system. Installing ductwork is undoubtedly a significant renovation. If you’re already going to be renovating, then consider getting the ductwork when you’re already dealing with the dust and commotion of home improvements.

You Have Security Concerns

Hopefully, security isn’t an issue in your neighborhood or your home. However, if safety is a concern, then definitely consider replacing your window units. Window units provide an accessible entrance for break-ins if you live on a lower floor of a condo building, townhome or house. Window units can be removed easier than breaking through a locked door, and a thief can climb through the open window to get into your home.

There are ways to keep your home safe even with a window unit, but it’s not worth the risk for many people when there are better options to heat or cool your home.

If you’re ready to upgrade your system, we are the people to call. Contact Island Aire at 239-935-8880 to schedule an appointment today.

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