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HVAC Tech Innovations You Need
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Technology has advanced exponentially over the past few decades. Recent innovations for your Pine Island, Florida, home could change the face of homeownership forever. There are several cutting-edge products and devices that will change your home’s HVAC system for the better.

Air Conditioners

Scientists at MIT developed an air conditioning system that uses sensors that pick up movement. This unit kicks on when people enter the room, increasing energy savings and efficiency.
Ice has long been a way to keep things cool — but in air conditioning? A California company created an ice-powered system that moves air across ice to bring cool air into a building.

Another money-saving option, thermally driven air conditioners use natural gas and solar power to generate power. These units eliminate the need for electricity altogether, making them much more efficient than traditional air conditioners.

Heating Systems

One of the leading low-cost heating systems is a dual-fuel or hybrid heat pump. These units use electricity to heat when temperatures are mild and switch to gas heat when temperatures plummet. The system chooses the most efficient fuel based on heating needs.
Geothermal heating systems, on the other hand, use the warmth from the ground to heat your home. Water moves through tubes placed in the ground and is warmed. The warm water is then routed inside, where the HVAC system transfers the heat to your home before sending the water outside again.

Smart Technologies

Imagine having a home that senses when your air needs freshened. With sensor-enhanced ventilation, your home’s vents would become smarter and monitor the indoor air quality, temperature, and air pressure and adjust accordingly.

Automated homes are the homes of the future. Today’s smart homes allow you to control lighting, temperature, security, surveillance, and entertainment from afar. As smart technology advances, look for more innovations to take your home into tomorrow.

At Island Aire of Southwest Florida, we offer cutting-edge products that include geothermal heaters, ductless air conditioners, and smart thermostats. Call 239-935-8880 today for information about our heating and cooling systems.

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