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Home Archive by Category "Blogs"
  • happy family

Homeowners in Lehigh Acres, Florida, need an efficient air conditioning system to keep up with the heat. However, it can’t keep humming along forever without some tender loving care. Fortunately, this isn’t as big a problem as you might think. By doing minor maintenance on your...

  • programmable thermostat

Programmable HVAC thermostats offer Southwest Florida homeowners a host of benefits that give them an edge over conventional thermostat models. Large, full-color, high-definition touchscreen displays that offer a completely interactive, computer-like experience are just the beginning. When you look beyond the bells and whistles, you find...

  • happy, healthy family

Your Ft. Myers home may be leak-proofed to conserve cooled air and reduce energy costs. However, clean indoor air is as important as saving money. When homes are sealed tight, indoor air gets polluted. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs), cleaning agents, cigarette smoke, dust, pollen, dust mites...

  • blog-Why-Your-Condensate-Line-is-So-Important2

A clean condensate line is vital to the health of your Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel Island and Pine Island, Florida central air conditioning system. While AC units need water to operate properly, too much moisture can damage critical components of the system, resulting in thousands of...

  • blog-Could-a-Ductless-Mini-Split-Solve-Your-Cooling-Problem2

Ductless mini-splits are problem solvers and energy savers that can help you overcome common air conditioning challenges in your Sanibel Island home. If you need more cooling power or more control over your comfort, one of these efficient HVAC systems could be the answer to your...

  • By mediagistic
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  • blog-Keeping-Your-Home-Allergy-Proof2

If you suffer from allergies, you may be surprised to learn that there are probably more allergens in your Fort Myers, Sanibel Island or Pine Island, FL home than out of it. That’s because a lack of ventilation in modern buildings allows allergens to reach high...

  • blog-Top-Tips-for-Getting-Your-AC-Ready-for-Summer-Weather2

The biggest concern of Fort Myers homeowners every spring is how to keep summer cooling costs within budget. Although you can’t control the Florida heat and humidity, you can employ innovative HVAC products and services to keep your home frosty while maintaining efficiency. Here are three...