Pool Heater Installation in Fort Myers, FL

Pool Heater Installation in Fort Myers, FL

The most prevalent causes of pool heater failure can be traced back to poor installation, which leads to more frequent breakdowns, repair, replacement, and maintenance.

As a result, pool professionals have to check each pool they maintain to ensure that the pool heater installation has been done perfectly. Here, we will be discussing how important it is to select the perfect size of the heater and fuel system to boost the performance of your pool to function properly. You can contact us or give us a call at (239) 935-8880 to know the Pool Heater Installation Services we provide in Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, FL, And Surrounding Areas

Consider These Points Before Pool Heater Installation

Here, we will unveil the factors to consider when installing pool heaters:

Selection of Suitable System and Fuel

Various pool heaters are available in the market, including gas, electric, heat pumps, even based on solar concept, etc.

The best approach to ensure that you locate the ideal pool heater for your property is to consult with expert professionals. Before committing to any make or model, ask the professionals on our staff any questions you may have.

Pool Heaters Services In Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, FL, And Surrounding Areas

Appropriate Size

Aside from selecting the ideal pool heater in terms of manufacturer, model, and technology, it is also necessary to ensure that your pool heater is the correct size for the pool on your property.

You should not overwork a pool heater as it tries to warm a pool outside of its comfort zone. Professionals will ensure your pool heater is properly sized to meet your pool heating requirements.

Suitable Location of the Heater

In general, pool heaters require a certain amount of space around them in all directions to function efficiently. It allows the unit to breathe and operate safely and efficiently. The parts of the unit can overheat, and the heater can be damaged if there isn’t enough ventilation around it.

If you have a specific location in mind for the heater, verify the unit’s measurements online and measure the installation area to ensure that it will fit.

Surface Level

Make sure the surface you’re putting the heater on is leveled. Because the ground is hard and even, surfaces like concrete or wood are ideal. When the device is placed on dirt or sand, it will become unstable as the ground shifts and changes.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional


The efficiency of your heater will be determined by the quality of the pool heater installation. The heater relies on intake, combustion, ignition, and exhaust to produce heat. If one of the components is put incorrectly, the unit may not function properly.

For example, if the intake does not draw enough air into the unit, the lack of air affects the other functions, lowering total efficiency.


No need to tell you how dangerous electrical equipment and wiring can be when it comes into contact with water.

To summarize, if your pool heater is to offer you safe functioning, it must be skillfully installed and serviced. Make an appointment with our team to have your pool heater serviced immediately.

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