Heat Pump Repair in Fort Myers, FL

Heat Pump Repair in Fort Myers, FL

A heat pump is a more demanding HVAC unit because it is useful all year, provides comfort with less electricity consumption, and is easy to install and maintain. A heat pump is also a safer choice for the environment.

This is why maintaining your unit with a long-lasting heat pump repair schedule is necessary.

Common Heat Pump Issues

No Cooling or Heating

If your heat pump is not running, do not go for a replacement immediately. There can be some wiring fault or damage in contributing components. You can solve this problem with a repair.

A heat pump generally lasts for 10 to 15 years. Some heat pumps even last up to 25 years. Therefore, you should repair the heat pump when it is under warranty and repairs are not high-priced.

Circuit Breaker Trips Often

Dirty internal components, loose wiring, or thermostat issues can cause a heat pump to trip the circuit breaker. Restarting the circuit can solve this problem and if the problem persists, contact the technician for repair.

Heating in Summer and Vice Versa

If your heat pump functions exactly opposite to how it is supposed to function, a malfunctioning thermostat can be the root cause. Schedule an inspection service when the heat pump does not provide cooling during summers.

After the inspection, the technician may suggest repairs or a thermostat replacement. Installing a smart thermostat also fixes the temperature variations problems.

It Makes Strange Sounds

If you hear annoying and loud noises from your heat pump, do not avoid it. The strange sounds indicate heat pump failure. Better fix it with repair soon. There is no single reason for all heat pump noises. Different noises indicate different heat pump issues.

A Constantly Running Heat Pump

Like any other HVAC unit, a heat pump should run according to its cooling or heating cycle. If it is constantly running, it will break down soon. The incorrect heat pump size or clogged parts may cause this problem.

When the heat pump size is the issue, you will have to replace the heat pump. However, clogged components need cleaning only.

It Circulates Odd Smells

A smelling heat pump can never make our indoors comfortable as odd smells are the source of discomfort. The most common reason for this problem is your heat pump lacks cleaning and annual servicing. A heat pump repair will fix this problem.

Reasons that Lead to the Heat Pump Failures

  • Excessive dirt accumulation
  • Uncleaned filters
  • Inappropriate heat pump size
  • Poor wiring connection
  • Improper insulation
  • Absence of seasonal servicing
  • Faulty starter relay capacitor
  • Faulty thermostat

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