Pool Heater Maintenance in Fort Myers, FL

Pool Heater Maintenance In Fort Myers, And Surrounding Areas

Signals for pool heater maintenance

You can perform these basic maintenance or call for a qualified expert for immediate maintenance if any of the below-mentioned problems occur:

Malfunctioning issue

Nothing is more frustrating than getting ready for a morning swim only to discover that your pool is ice cold. If the heater in your pool isn’t working, it’s a clear sign that your pool needs to be maintained.

Several reasons behind the malfunction. However, hire a professional to diagnose the issue on time before the condition gets worse.

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Many pool heat pump machines feature remote controllers that contain batteries, just like other electronic devices. Before calling for a pool heat pump repair, it’s a good idea to check the battery in your remote.

Always keep the remote indoors unless it is in use to reduce the risk of it being damaged. Replace the batteries at least twice a year when you call a trained professional for regular inspection and annual maintenance.


Chlorine and acid are powerful chemicals used to treat and stabilize pool water, and water softener salt is also corrosive. They’ll wreak havoc on the electric controls and wiring and possibly cause a refrigerant leak. It is never a good idea to store chemicals near the pool heater. Fins and coils, as well as cabinet parts, will deteriorate prematurely with even minor exposure.

Corrosion shortens the life of equipment, leading the pool heater to fail prematurely. It is a good idea to get directions from your swimming pool provider. When cleaning up, use protective clothing since powerful chemicals that corrode metal will also burn your skin and eyes.

Strange noises

Your pool heater heat pump’s fans and compressors spin at tremendous rates. It doesn’t take long for harm to occur when a bearing fails, or a bushing wears out. Listen for any strange sounds you hear. It could suggest that pool heat pump service is required.

Frequently notice different noises coming out of the heating system such as twigs, leaves, or critters in the fan might disrupt the function of the fan motor. If the situation continues, contact a reliable professional for pool heater maintenance immediately.

Inspecting for the pests

Check the possible areas or ant infestation as the electrical wire attracts them, and an ant nest can quickly fill the unit with sand. Ant nests cause corrosion, which reduces the pool heating unit’s life span and efficiency.

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