HVAC Maintenance in Fort Myers, FL

HVAC Maintenance Services in Fort Myers, FL And Surrounding Areas

An HVAC system is an essential home appliance. That is why it is important to tune up your system regularly. HVAC maintenance is easy and done by professional technicians with utmost care. Maintenance is an elaborate process to inspect and take preventive measures for your system.

It provides system efficiency at the utmost level. You will not have to go for cooling and heating system repair in Fort Myers, FL, any time soon. You will know what a maintenance service includes and how it is performed.

Elaborate Maintenance Service

  • Air Filters Inspection

    The air filters are an essential part of an HVAC system. Keeping these filters means keeping you healthy. That is why the heating repair technicians in Fort Myers, FL, ensure that the filters remain clean and advise for replacement if necessary.

  • The Ductwork Inspection

    HVAC maintenance in Fort Myers, FL, is incomplete without deep duct inspection. We know that the efficiency of a system depends heavily on the ductwork. If the technicians find any leak or damage inside the ducts, you will take preventive measures to repair the problem as early as possible.

  • Electrical Connection Check

    Electricity is why an HVAC system works, and we must be careful not to hinder the connection. The electric board remains entangled with wires and switches, and these parts can only be handled by a professional technician alone. The experts of HVAC maintenance in Fort Myers, FL, will ensure that the electric connection remains intact.

  • Thermostat Setting

    The thermostat unit is responsible for maintaining the temperature across your house. So, you can understand how vital this piece of equipment is. It is possible that the thermostat setting has been mismanaged or handled poorly on certain occasions. The heating repair experts in Fort Myers, FL, inspect the thermostat and recalibrate it as per your needs

  • Lubricating The Parts

    Oil is the food of a machine, and in the maintenance service, it is essential. An adequate maintenance service relies greatly on the lubrication process. The technicians lubricate the following parts of an HVAC system:

  • The blower motor.
  • The compressor.
  • The fans in the condenser unit, etc.

  • Draining The Water Pan and Pipes

    When opting for a maintenance service, you must ensure that the technicians drain the logged water in the liquid pan and clean it efficiently. Sometimes, waterlogging prevents a system from working appropriately.

  • Heat exchanger inspection

    The HVAC technicians inspect the heat exchanger and ensure there isn’t a  crack or hole. This minimal service will help you in the future and prevent unnecessary heating system repair in Fort Myers, FL.

To Sum Up

You must perform maintenance service after every season, depending on the condition of your system. HVAC maintenance in Fort Myers, FL, becomes inadequate if the technicians do not perform all the necessary steps. That is why it is essential to hire a reliable contractor like Island Aire of Southwest Florida.

We are known for our impeccable service at a competitive rate. Our top-notch service will solve your HVAC problem within a day. Call us at 239-935-8880 to register for any emergency related services.