Pool Heater Replacement in Fort Myers, FL

Pool Heater Replacement in Fort Myers, FL

A swimming pool heater allows you to enjoy the water much further into the autumn, and the ability to manage the water temperature means you’ll never have to jump into an icy pool. Pool heaters now are designed to give years of dependable, efficient service. However, it will ultimately wear out and need to be replaced like any other piece of equipment. Contact us today for the Pool Heater Services in Fort Myers, Naples, Bonita Springs, Cape Coral, FL, And Surrounding Areas.

If it’s time for your pool heater replacement, do your research first: after all, you want the most energy-efficient option for your pool and how you use it. Here’s what you should know before purchasing a new unit.

Types of Heaters Available in the Market

Solar Heat Pumps

A solar heater could be a good choice, especially if you live in a sunny area or in a state that provides rebates for acquiring green technology. Solar systems have a high initial investment, and while they won’t heat your pool as fast as a gas heater, they will cost much less to operate and save money in the long run.

Pool Heater Services

Electric Heat Pumps

These electric-powered units work like an air conditioner in reverse, drawing heat from the surrounding air. Electric heat pumps do not heat the pool as fast as the gas heaters and are comparatively more expensive to purchase.

Gas Heat Pumps

Even though solar and heat pumps are gaining popularity in some regions of the country, natural gas systems remain the most popular option among pool owners. There are numerous explanations for this. Many homes already have natural gas lines, making plumbing and installing a gas heater relatively simple.

Indicators for Replacement

Noisy System

Do you witness strange sounds from your pool heaters? It’s a warning to replace your system.

Faulty Temperature Regulator

You set the temperature at 100, but the system turns it down to 95. A defective temperature controller inside the heater is one of the potential causes of this problem.

Frequent Shutdowns

Have you ever observed how your pool heater switches off after only a few seconds of being turned on? A rusted or unclean flame sensor could cause this issue.

Benefits of Gas Heaters

Quick Heat Transfer

Since gas heaters transfer heat quickly, they’re ideal for boosting pool temperature for short periods. Unlike heat pumps and solar systems, gas heaters may help raise water temperature regardless of the weather or amount of sunlight available.

Easy to Function

Natural gas or propane are used to operate gas pool heaters. Water is drawn into a discharge chamber to make them work. The heat generated inside the chamber is transferred to the water, which is returned to the pool warmed.

Easy to Function

Gas pool heaters range in price, including standard installation, depending on the size and thermal capacity.


If You installed your existing heater more than three to five years ago, or if your pool heating bills appear to be more than they should be, research thoroughly for your pool heater replacement as it will save you money in the long run.

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