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Just Like Air Filters, Should the Air Ducts Be Cleaned Annually?

Our duct cleaning experts will help you understand everything about your ductwork systems. Duct cleaning is not supposed to be done after every 3-5 years or annually. It is supposed to be done whenever it is required. Here are the situations you need a duct cleaning service:

  • Ductwork is contaminated by mold growth, insect pests, rodent attacks, or other animal invasions.
  • Home renovations or remodels that conclude the installed ductwork needs to be cleaned for better efficiency
  • Poor installation of ductwork
  • Seal tapes and adhesive is peeling off

However, it does not mean you should forget about the ductwork and neglect its presence. Annual ductwork cleaning is unnecessary, but you should get the ductwork checked annually.

Duct system checking is a part of AC maintenance service, and the technician conducts a visual inspection of the duct system for any problems or issues.

Four Myths That You Hear About Duct Cleaning

There are rumors about everything, but our duct cleaning and repairing experts will help you clarify the myths and present you with the truth. Here are some facts that you might have heard about it from somewhere:

  • Ductwork cleaning will solve the airflow issues like hot and cold spots: It is entirely false. Cleaning the HVAC and replacing the air filter will do the job.
  • You should clean the ducts as a part of the AC maintenance service: It is also untrue because the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency of the US) does not support the basis behind the statement. Ductwork is not responsible for increasing the particle levels in your house because most particles get stuck on the duct surface.
  • A duct cleaning service is a permanent solution to remove odors and mold: Some companies claim to include microbial spray during cleaning, but it is a temporary solution. You need to eliminate the source that is causing the issue.
  • Duct cleaning will not damage the duct system: If a duct cleaning process is adopted without a duct inspection, complications may happen due to using the wrong equipment.

DIY Way to Clean the Duct System

Numerous websites will help clean the ducts yourself but cleaning duct systems is not a DIY task. There are professional tools that effectively and safely clean the duct system.

A professional duct cleaning technician team uses a high-end roto barista brush machine with a HEPA filter and vacuum. The technician will move the equipment through the duct system multiple times to remove dust and dirt particles.

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Full-Service Air Duct Cleaning in Fort Myers FL and All Surrounding Areas

The purpose of your HVAC system is to provide dependable indoor comfort for you and your family throughout the year. However, indoor comfort involves a lot more than simply feeling warm or cool enough. Another key component of enjoying your home in comfort is making sure your indoor air provides maximum breathability and minimal discomfort from airborne particles and allergens that can build up inside your system’s air ducts. Because HVAC air ducts are out of sight, unfortunately, they are also usually “out of mind.”

Few people give much thought to the fact that clean ducts can make a major difference in the level of comfort they experience in their homes and that periodic duct cleaning can help keep that comfort level high. Here at
Island Aire Of Southwest Florida Inc, we provide full-service duct cleaning that can make your air ducts as clean and allergen-free as they were when they were new.

The Importance of Regular Duct Cleaning to Your Comfort

The high-quality professional ductwork we do can significantly enhance the breathability of your home, providing an indoor environment that’s healthier for your respiratory tract than the dust-laden, allergen-filled atmosphere that is common in homes whose owners ignore this critical component of HVAC system maintenance. Because the inside of your system’s air ducts isn’t visible to you, you may be completely unaware of the unpleasant “invaders” that can be lurking there. Some potential respiratory irritants that can hide in your HVAC air ducts, silently multiplying over time, include the following:

  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Dust mites
  • Microbes
  • Pollen
  • Pet dander
  • Smoke residue
  • Chemicals

How IAQ Becomes Unhealthy

These harmful and discomfort-producing air pollutants — which are deposited gradually over time — build up and eventually coating the inside walls of your HVAC ductwork. This creates a less-than-healthy indoor environment. As your forced-air HVAC system pumps heated or cooled air through the ducts, again and again, some of these deposits become airborne once again and are re-distributed into your home through your system’s registers. This is one good reason for having your air ducts cleaned every several years.

Your Island Aire HVAC experts are Trane Comfort Consultants who have the training to explain the importance of clean ducts and help you determine how often you would likely need duct cleaning based on your family’s unique HVAC system usage patterns. Our experts can also do testing to check on the condition of your air ducts and how it might be affecting your indoor air quality, as well as your HVAC system’s efficiency.

Minimize Indoor Air Pollution with Island Aire Of Southwest Florida Inc's Duct Cleaning Service

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