Duct Replacement in Fort Myers, FL

Duct Replacement in Fort Myers, FL

How Do Ducts Deteriorate Over Time?

The metal surface expands and contracts according to the season. The duct system expands in winter, and the ductwork contracts in the summer.

The thermal expansion can cause the poorly fitted duct pipes with aluminium duct tape to fall apart. The ductwork that lacks insulation is prone to the rusting issue because of compensation droplets formed in the summer season.

Our duct replacement technician expert recommends to homeowners that they get their duct system checked during AC maintenance. The experts will visually inspect the ductwork and suggest necessary changes to keep the system efficient.

Signs that Indicate You Need a Ductwork Replacement Service

Here are some signs proposed by the expert duct replacement that household owners forget to notice and may have to bear consequences due to negligence :

  • Ductwork starts making loud noises like rattling or whistling, or you see the ducts vibrating when the HVAC system is in operation.
  • Higher energy bills suggest issues like in the HVAC system or the duct system.
  • Pest or vermin attacks can contaminate the duct system. If there is a sudden increase of rodents or insects in your house, you should get an inspection done.
  • Damaged or tangled ducts can cause inefficiency and a sudden spike in the electricity bills.
  • In your regular visits to the ductwork region, contact the air duct replacement experts to check if you find spots of mildew or mold spots.
  • Do you find a thick layer of dust in your household furniture and show pieces? A layer of dust in your house means an issue in the air filter or the air ducts.

Bring the Right Duct System for Your Residence

There are three different types of ductwork systems:

Flexible Ductwork

Flexible ductwork consists of a wire coil covered with bendable and durable plastic and surrounded by an insulation layer. It is best for small and complicated places where you can not install rigid ductwork.

Rigid Ductwork

Rigid ductwork is made of hard, enduring, and reliable metal in cylindrical or rectangular shape and covered with insulation protection.

Semi-Rigid Ductwork

It is considered the best alternative out of all the other options available. Semi-rigid ductwork has a smaller diameter that helps it accommodate complicated spaces with duct flexibility.

The size of the ductwork also matters for better efficiency and comfortability. A duct replacement technician will help you find the measurements that suit the residence structure.

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