Air Scrubbers / Purifiers in Fort Myers, FL

Air Scrubbers / Purifiers in Fort Myers, FL

To choose the right air scrubbers and purifiers for your needs, you must first understand what each piece of equipment does and which machine works best for specific air pollutants.

Difference Between Air Scrubbers and Air Purifiers

Typically, air purifiers are designed to pull airborne particles through the equipment and filter them out within the purifier. It does not assist in the removal of particles stuck to surfaces such as walls, floors, or other equipment.

Air scrubbers emit negative ions, which attach to airborne and surface particles, making them heavier and easier to clean up or filter.

The Function of an Air Purifier

Air purifiers can aid in the maintenance of a safe breathing zone in businesses, construction sites, and other project areas.

They collaborate with negative air pressure machines to keep air particulates within a defined zone. Air purifiers that use this technology are highly effective air cleaners.

The Function of an Air Scrubber

Air scrubbers can be equipped with HEPA filtration. You can also use them with various three-stage HEPA negative air machines to effectively remove airborne and settled dust and bacteria.

Air Purifiers for Specific Requirements

Respiratory Issues:

If odour and chemical pollutants trigger you. You should consider using an air purifier or an odor and chemical air purifier. Different odor and chemical filtration, as well as HEPA filters for allergen particle removal, are included in these air purifiers.


Smoke air purifiers are designed to remove smoke, fireplace soot, and other associated fumes that can aggravate respiratory conditions or cause unpleasant odors in your home.


Some air purifiers specifically handle pet dander, odors, and hair.

Chemical Sensitivities

If you are extremely sensitive to chemicals, an air purifier for multiple chemical sensitivities may be a good option.

Types of Air Scrubbers

Electrostatic Precipitator

An electrostatic precipitator’s design must match the polarity and charge of the material to be removed for it to bind to and capture it. You can customize each electrostatic precipitator configuration to meet the needs of a specific application.

Portable Air Scrubber

When contaminants are exhausted into the atmosphere and a permanent air scrubbing system is not feasible, portable air scrubbers are used.

Cyclone Spray Chambers

The cyclone’s movement pushes heavier air droplets containing contaminants and particulate matter against the chamber’s wall, allowing cleaner air to escape.

Venturi Air Scrubber

A venturi air scrubber is shaped like a venturi with a throat in the middle. It is a method of cleaning the air stream with a water jet.

Negative Air Scrubber

A negative air scrubber creates negative air pressure in a contained area to collect contaminants. When renovating old, outdated buildings and structures, it is essential.

Chemical-Specific Air Scrubbers

Chemicals or pollutants such as ammonia, various types of dust, and acids are produced by different manufacturing processes. Each contaminant necessitates the use of an air scrubber that has been specifically designed and configured to remove the pollutant.

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