AC Replacement in Fort Myers, FL

AC Replacement Services in Fort Myers, FL And Surrounding Areas

The summer season of Southwest Florida gets extremely harsh sometimes. In the scorching heat, the discomfort will be there. However, this discomfort cannot enter our home until our AC unit is there. Air conditioners protect us from the heatwave and bless us with comfort.

It is essential to provide AC with a seasonal tune-up, preventive maintenance, needed repairs, and a replacement to get all the benefits of AC. AC replacement also becomes necessary in some situations. We save money on costly repairs and unnecessary energy bills by replacing the AC unit when required. We will also get better cooling and increased comfort.

Things To Consider Before AC Replacement

Repair Expenses

Before going for air conditioning replacement, one should compare its cost with repair charges. If your AC is still under warranty and repairs are less expensive than replacement, getting the AC repaired will be better. But if AC repair costs are too high, its maintenance will also get expensive. Replace your AC to save money.


Freon gas is a greenhouse gas that causes environmental harm. Considering its harmful effect on Environment, it was banned in January 2020. Now, this gas is no more available in the US. Puron refrigerant has taken the place of this gas. If your AC requires Freon refrigerant, prefer AC replacement.

Sizing Issue

We usually take AC size lightly. We give more attention to the brand and other features while installing the new AC. The sizing of the air conditioning unit affects its cooling, energy consumption, and overall condition. If your present AC unit does not fit the size requirement of your residence, the problem you will experience with time are:

  • AC overheating
  • Less cooling
  • High electricity usage
  • Frequent short cycling
  • Compressor running constantly

Thus, replacing the AC unit is the only solution.

A Technology Upgrade

Sometimes we tend to replace our AC when we need better and latest features. New AC models have high energy efficiency, noise-free operation, a smart thermostat, a better air filter, and more effective cooling. Replacing the outdated AC model with the latest AC can provide a high comfort level.

Years of Usage

If you clean your AC regularly, replace its filter every month, schedule tune-up every year, and take proper care of your AC unit, your AC will operate smoothly until its warranty period expires. The warranty period can be 15-20 years. But if your AC lacks proper maintenance, you should consider replacing the poorly functioning AC after ten years.

Check Five Things in the New AC Unit

These factors will help you choose a perfect AC model.

  • Cooling capacity
  • SEER rating
  • Warranty period
  • Noise level
  • Brand and model

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