Pool Heater Repair in Fort Myers, FL

Pool Heater Repair Services in Fort Myers, FL And Surrounding Areas

Pool heaters are subjected to different weather and temperature conditions, prone to rust or corroding. Heaters are generally coated to prevent this problem, but the coating wears off with time, exposing the heater to rust and corrosion.

Rust and corrosion can corrode or eat away at the metal components of your pool heater, subsequently need to get the rust and corrosion removed immediately by a pool heater repair trained expert. So contact us today to schedule an estimate for pool heater repair in Fort Myers.

Pool heater repair

Reasons Lead to Pool Heater Problems

Pool heaters are built to survive and with proper care to last longer. However, several things might cause heater difficulties and malfunctions, and there are the most notable:


Pool heaters are metals, meaning that these metal components are prone to rust and corrosion. Corrosion will gradually degrade the integrity of these parts and cause faults if left unnoticed.

Even though many heaters include built-in rust and corrosion protection layers, they will not last long without the assistance of professionals.

Clogged Filters and Energy Source Issue

Your pool heater is largely reliant on water flow as the insufficient flow can result in insufficient warmth and is prone to risk if this is left for a long period, eventually blocking the filter. To avoid this, make sure to clean your filters regularly.

Heaters use an energy source to heat water. Your heater will not work if the energy supply has a problem. Check the energy supply, whether it’s solar, gas, or electricity, to determine whether it’s the source of the issue.

Weird Noises

Every pool heater makes some noise whenever it is switched on. You should begin examining as soon as you detect changes in the noise coming from the heater.

Watch out for pounding and whistling sounds if you’re unaware of your heater’s regular noises. These could be signs that the heater isn’t functioning properly.

Unexpected and Frequent Shutdowns

It is perhaps the most irritating indication to take care of; the heater stops working, albeit frequent shutdowns are also possible.

Fails to Provide Consistent Heating

The temperature of the water fluctuates without altering the thermostat. If this is the case, there could be an issue with the heating cycles due to several issues, and it could indicate that pool heater repair by a professional is required.

Fault in Thermostat

The thermostat on your heater is made to provide you with your desired temperature without malfunctioning. Always double-check that the temperature settings correspond to the pool’s water temperature. If not, the thermostat may be malfunctioning. Call for a reliable professional immediately.

Advantages of Fit Pool Heater

  • Having more months to swim.
  • Durable systems remain as family assets.
  • It gives you more opportunities to spend time with your family
  • Why limit your swimming to the day? Have a night swimming experience.
  • The more you swim, the healthier you will be.

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