5 Tell-Tale Signs You Need An A/C Tune-Up


Regardless of the season, air conditioners are required to maintain temperature throughout the year in Florida. However, ACs are usually once-in-a-lifetime investments and can be expensive. Improper maintenance and heavy usage can cause breakdowns or require costly repairs.

Periodic maintenance is necessary to preserve efficiency and avoid AC problems. Schedule the AC service in Naples, FL, in the spring or before the summer begins.

Five Tell-Tale Signs Indicating You Need To Schedule An AC Tune-Up Service

Here are some signs that indicate your AC needs urgent technician assistance and tune-up service:

1. Unusual Noise

Normally functioning AC makes a low buzzing sound as it tries to blow cool air to maintain temperature. Over time, the air passage may narrow due to dust accumulation making disturbing noise. The highly intense buzzing sound may result from increased friction in the motor and needs lubrication oil refill. A broken fan motor or motor in the condenser creates shrieking noise.

If your all-good AC starts making unusual sounds, it is better to check it soon. You can go for AC replacement in Bonita Springs, FL, to fix the underlying issue or replace the faulty component before it causes further damage.

2. A Surge in Your Utility Bills

If the energy consumption is more than that specified by the manufacturer, something may be wrong. Here are some reasons that can explain the increase in electricity bills:

  • Clogged air filters that allow clean air into your house
  • Leakage in cool air along the ducts, fooling the AC to run longer to cool the room to a set point.
  • Failure of mechanical and electrical parts, such as motors and capacitors

3. Warm Air

AC blowing warm or hot air might shock you, but it might happen if issues interfere with the AC’s operation. The possible causes are:

  • Dirt or scales deposition on the coils, which cools the air
  • Obstruction in condensate vent
  • Malfunctioning compressor
  • Incorrect thermostat setting or malfunctioning thermostat

It is better to call AC replacement experts in Bonita Springs, FL, for a tune-up to avoid expensive repairs and replacement.

4. Pungent Odor

There are many reasons you experience bad smells while your AC is running. Wet air filters support the growth of fungi or molds as they grow under low temperatures and make the entire area smell musty. The blockage in the condensate line can also emit a bad smell.

Dead rodents, trapped inside the system, can release horrible smells. On the other hand, a burning smell from AC vents indicates the system’s wire insulation replacement.

5. Failure to Control Humidity

During summer and spring, humidity increases. A fully functional AC can remove humidity from the air it sucks and blow dry, cool air. The failure implies that either your AC needs refrigerant or the coil needs service.

Wrapping Up

Many factors can affect the AC system’s functioning and performance; that’s why it is always suggested to call AC service in Naples, FL, at the beginning of the summer for a quick tune-up. Call Island Aire of Southwest, FL, Inc. to inspect and repair your AC at affordable rates. Call (239) 935-8880 and schedule a service today!