How to Clean Your Air Conditioner So It Runs Like New All Summer


Like every motor-driven piece of equipment, an air conditioner also loses efficiency over time due to wear and tear and the accumulation of dirt. Running an AC in the same condition for long results in high-cost professional repair or replacement. Instead, you can call AC maintenance service in Coral Cape, FL, which costs much less than repair or replacement service.

You can try cleaning the AC system a month after the technician performs the maintenance services.

Things You Need For Keeping Your AC In Tip-Top Condition

For cleaning your AC without hiring a professional, you will need the following materials:

  • AC Manual
  • Screwdriver
  • Scrub
  • Dish Cleaning Soap
  • Dry Cloth
  • Metallic Wire
  • Vacuum Cleaner and
  • Hose

A Guide To Quickly And Efficiently Cleaning Your AC System!

Cleaning a window and a central AC unit is simple and easy. The AC maintenance experts in Cape Coral, FL, will go through the cleaning process step by step:

  • Open the front cover by unfastening the screws and removing the filters.
  • Remove dust off the filters with a dry cloth or vacuum them. If the dirt is sturdy, wash them with warm water and mild dish cleaning soap. Rinse them with clean water and dry them.
  • Locate the condenser and evaporator coils and dismantle them following the instructions in the manual. Clean the coils with water and dish cleaning soap using coil brushes to remove scales and sticky debris. You can force water through the coils to remove massive clogs and scales.
  • Dismantle fans and remove dust with a dry cloth. If they have stubborn dirt, scrub them carefully without bending the blades. While cleaning inside the AC, cover the electrical components with plastic sheets to avoid contact with water.
  • In the case of condenser fins, you deform them and use fin combs to straighten them.
  • After washing, dry all the components before reassembling them. You can also spray antifungal agents, such as WD-40, to prevent mold growth. Fragrant spray spreads the scent across your home for the initial few hours of running. Call the AC repair expert in Fort Myers, FL, if the AC system works improperly after assembling or does not start up.

Experts Tell You How Often You Should Clean The AC System!

Experts recommend dusting off the window AC every two weeks to reduce the risk of significant dust accumulation that can decrease AC efficiency. Otherwise, thoroughly cleaning the central AC system once every month would suffice.

The AC repair experts in Fort Meyers, FL, recommend cleaning smaller components of window AC because dirt accumulates in the unit faster due to the limited space within the structure. In contrast, central AC has long ducts connecting the HVAC unit and your room, and you need a technician to remove the dust.

Bottom Line

You can clean your AC yourself, but handling the delicate parts, such as condensers, is difficult. If you find it tricky to work around them, you should go for professional AC maintenance in Coral Cape, FL.

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