How To Determine If AC Fuse Is Blown

During a hot summer, you expect your air conditioner to function flawlessly every time you turn it on. However, it may refuse to turn on at times. Several factors could cause your air conditioning system to shut down unexpectedly. A blown fuse is one of the most common reasons for this problem.

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Signs Of A Blown AC Fuse

  • When your air conditioner outdoor unit has a blown fuse, it will immediately cease functioning because no electrical current is flowing.

  • The outdoor unit may make a strange, humming noise. As the air conditioner attempts to operate properly without any energy input, you may hear grinding, buzzing, or squealing sounds.

  • Despite checking the circuits, flipping the tripped breaker, and restarting your air conditioner, your air conditioner will stop working.

Steps To Ensure If The Fuse Is Blown

You can take steps to determine if a blown AC fuse is the cause when your air conditioner stops functioning.

  • Identify the Disconnect Box

The disconnect box is located on the top of the condenser unit. Typically, this box is grey. Our expert performing the AC installation in Bonita Springs, FL, will advise you to take this initial step.

  • Open the Disconnect To Find the Wires

The cables should be located in a different box when you open the disconnect box. This wire should come in two varieties: an incoming wire (line) and an outgoing wire (load).

  • Enable the Voltmeter

The electricity inside the device is measured using a voltmeter. Set it to zero if you have it for an accurate readout.

  • Place the Leads

The lugs connecting the other lines are used to attach the voltmeter leads. The incoming wires function correctly if the voltmeter registers a value between 240 and 220 volts.

  • Check the Outgoing Wires

Repeat the process, but this time secure the voltmeter leads using the lugs that connect lead wires. It’s time to call our experts to replace your fuse if it doesn’t respond to any readings.

Is It Safe To Check The AC Fuse?

A broken circuit does not always indicate there is no current flowing in the AC circuit. Always use caution while working with energy and electrical systems. When dealing with AC electrical components, you should wear safety clothing and use the proper tools.

A Few Tips

  • Take precautions to avoid high-danger situations like checking blown fuses.
  • Cut off the condenser unit’s electricity.
  • If the fuses in your system keep blowing, contact our experts in AC replacement in Cape Coral, FL, and replace them as soon as possible.
  • Only try to locate the fuse if you know its location in the box. Wait for our experienced AC replacement in Bonita Springs, FL repairman to assist you.

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