Is It Worth Replacing the Air Conditioner?


Your current air conditioning system is a great asset to your home until it stops working. If this happens, it is necessary to contact our HVAC technician in search of an immediate fix and inspection inside your air conditioning unit. Sometimes, it is more advantageous to fix your AC, but sometimes AC replacement in Naples or Cape Coral, FL, is more economical.

Replace or Repair: How to Make a Decision?

If the air conditioner within your home needs repair, You may need to decide between fixing the unit or getting AC replacement. To assist you in making a choice, here are five essential factors to consider so that you have an AC that will meet your requirements.

  • Age of Unit

The most important reason you need AC replacement is that the components of your system aren’t readily available. If the system is more than 10 years old, the manufacturer might not have spare parts; however, it’s worth talking to an expert in air conditioning that has access to different sources or even their inventory. For AC replacement in Bonita Springs, FL, contact Island Aire of Southwest, FL for assistance.

  • Efficiency

A well-designed air conditioner will help you save money in the long run because it doesn’t need as much power to cool your commercial or residential premises. Check the Energy Efficiency Rating (EER) when replacing your air conditioning system. The higher the rating, the more efficient and the lower its cost to you over time compared with other brands.

  • No Cooling

Your air conditioner is on; however, you’re not feeling cool or comfortable. This could indicate that you have issues with your AC, particularly if you’ve recently had it checked. Suppose you continue to experience issues even after routine maintenance and service. In that case, it could mean that the issue is more serious, and you should consider AC replacement in Naples, FL.

  • Breakdown Frequency

If you frequently call HVAC technicians to repair your air conditioner, ongoing repairs may become costly over time.

A newer air conditioner will not only keep you away from the stress of having to make regular HVAC technician visits, but it can also reduce your expenses.

  • High Energy Bills

If your monthly energy bill is dramatically higher than the soaring utility costs, which could be a sign that your AC unit isn’t working properly. Inefficient operation of the AC could indicate that your unit may be operating improperly.

While it’s normal to experience higher energy costs during summer’s hot days, continuous price hikes with no adjustments in usage are an obvious signal that something is wrong with the air conditioning unit. If you think you may require AC replacement in Bonita Springs, FL, get in touch with our expert.


Since there are numerous different situations and variables to consider, there is no single solution for the fix or replacement issue. The above suggestions will help you save money while remaining cool in summer!

At Island Aire of Southwest, FL, we provide air conditioning repair and maintenance, as well as the installation and supply of new air conditioning units. If you are looking for an AC replacement in Cape Coral, FL, call us at 239-935-8880.