What To Do If Your Furnace Goes Out This Winter?

Have you ever imagined what you would do if the furnace at your home unexpectedly breaks down? As a professional heating repair service provider, Island Air is here to solve any of your furnace related problems.

Even though you will receive plenty of professional heating repair in Bonita Springs, FL, you must perform several steps before. Stay calm and follow the instructions below.

Steps You Can Take When Your Furnace Goes Out Suddenly

  • The smell of gas coming out of the unit 

    If your furnace stops working suddenly, you must become cautious and try to find some reasons on your own. If you smell something like rotten eggs in your house, you can be certain that a gas leak has caused your furnace to shut down. As per the heating repair technicians, you must remove your family from the premises and wait for professional help.
  • Minimal troubleshooting helps

    If there is no gas leak, you can eliminate the immediate tension. Then, you can perform some troubleshooting steps like:
  • Is the furnace fuse performing alright?
  • Is the pilot light not yellow?
  • Has the circuit breaker tripped?
  • Is the thermostat broken or mishandled?

If you believe you can fix these problems with a simple DIY method, your furnace will be back in action without calling for a heating repair service in Cape Coral, FL.

  • Keep yourself warm
     the time between a broken down furnace and repaired system is quite essential for you. You will not get warm air from the system during this period. It is a standard preventive measure that every homeowner should take as per the heating repair professionals in Bonita Springs, FL.

  • The source pipe must remain warm

    When you take care of yourself during the cold season, you must also pay attention to the water pipes. You cannot let these pipes get frozen at any point. If the water pipes start freezing, you can no longer be comfortable in your home. You can take advantage of a portable heating system for the time being to keep these pipes warm. 

  • Prefer the furnace technicians

    If you can’t find any good solutions following the previous steps, you must resort to the heating repair service in Bonita Springs, FL. It is better to leave these problems to the professionals because you may not have essential knowledge of the furnace nor the required tools to analyze the problems.

To Sum It Up

It is better to stay attentive to every furnace problem because that is how you can prevent further problems in the initial stage and save your furnace from any expensive damage. In this respect, hiring a professional heating repair company in Cape Coral, FLIsland Aire of Southwest, FL, becomes an essential resource.

We are known for providing excellent furnace service to our clients. Our experienced technicians can address any heating system related problems with utmost precision. Call us at 239-935-8880 today to learn more.