10 Things To Consider Before Installing An Air Conditioning System

An AC installation in Naples, FL, is the best decision to take before the arrival of summer. Whether you want to get rid of your old poor AC unit or are shifting to a new house and need a top-quality AC unit, you must consider ten things before your AC installation.

1. The Correct Equipment Size: There is a particular size limit for every AC required to cool an area. Repeated short cycling is the issue with the too-big AC, whereas too-small AC troubles with a constantly running compressor. Calculate the area size, and multiply it by 25 to get the BTU level your AC should have.

2. Appropriate Installation Location: The number of windows, doors, furniture, and other things in the room determines where to install the AC unit. The outdoor unit should be installed in a well-ventilated area as it releases hot air.

3. AC Energy Efficiency: The electricity bill you will have to pay due to AC usage depends on its SEER rating. The higher the rating is, the lower will be the energy expenses.

4. The AC Unit Type: You should check different air conditioning units available to know what AC fits your requirements. Everything differs for the various AC types, including the cost, maintenance process, installation charges, etc.

5. Your House And The Climate: If you live in a multi-floor building, consider air duct size, pipeline, drainage, outdoor and indoor unit installation type, and building permit. If you live in an independent house, consider the number of rooms, each room size, ease of maintenance, and outside climate.

6. All Expenses Involved: Not every AC and its installation will cost you the same. A ductless AC is more expensive than a central AC unit. However, it is more energy efficient. It saves money in the long run. A window AC is cheaper than both, but its cooling capacity is also lower.

7. Noise Level of the AC: The air conditioning system should have a noise level between 30 to 60 Db and not more than this. Otherwise, it will be too annoying to run.

8. Maintenance Requirements: Two most common AC types are ducted and ductless AC. In ducted air conditioning, you will need a duct cleaning service. Also, you will have to carefully observe the ductwork frequently, as any damage to the ducts can lead to air leakage. On the other hand, multiple indoor units need cleaning services when you have ductless AC.

9. AC Brand and Selling Company: Make sure you choose the most popular and reliable AC brand. Also, buy the branded AC from a well-reputed AC unit seller to avoid poor pre and post-installation services.

10. The Installation Technician: Check the technician’s experience, certification, and ethics. The AC professional must be drug-free and insured.

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