4 Ways to Reset Your Air Conditioning System


During the summer, millions of households across the country rely on air conditioning units to keep them cool. Even if these systems work flawlessly for years, they may experience problems at some point. When problems arise, you have the option of resetting your air conditioner. Due to the wide range of AC unit models available, determining how to reset the air conditioning unit can be difficult.

Fortunately, rebooting the air conditioner is a simple process. If you are having trouble resetting your air conditioner, you may also get assistance from Island Aire AC service in Naples, FL.

4 Ways To Reset Your AC

  • Use the Reset Button

Before you reset your system, make sure it has enough power. You can test for electrical energy by turning on other appliances. Once you’ve determined there is power, you can restart your air conditioner by pressing the reset button.

A reset switch, a small red button on some air conditioning systems, is available. The button is usually located on the outdoor unit. If you can’t find it on the outdoor unit, you can find it in the equipment’s owner’s manual.

  • Reset Your Circuit Breaker

Using the isolation or reset buttons, you can use the circuit breaker if you cannot reset your air conditioner. The breaker is usually located in the laundry room, the house’s exterior, or the basement. Some homes will have it in a closet or even the crawlspace.

The breaker box in your home typically has one large switch and multiple switches for different circuits. The label on most breakers will indicate the specific connection. Find the one labeled AC and turn it off.

A power outage or an electrical surge can cause the breaker to trip. If there is no label, locate the neutral switch and turn it on. You can now restart your air conditioner to see if it works.

  • Reset Your Thermostat

If none of the preceding steps work, the next option is to reset the thermostat. The thermostat guides your air conditioner to cool the air depending on the temperature readings. If it is faulty, your equipment may not function at all.

Before resetting the system, you can change the batteries in your device. Removing the batteries to discharge the electronic components in the air conditioner is sometimes necessary. If your thermostat is broken, contact our AC service in Naples, FL., for a replacement.

  • Reset from Isolator Switch

Your air conditioning system might have an isolator switch that connects your equipment to the main power supply. Switching it on and off may effectively restart your air conditioner.

An isolator is frequently installed near the exhaust system rather than the switch box. You can reset the system by frequently finding the isolator switch on the outdoor unit. It’s usually a lever on a V-shaped socket close to the condenser.

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