Can A Bad Thermostat Cause AC Not To Cool?


Nothing is worse than discovering that your home lacks air conditioning on a hot Florida day. If this has ever happened to you, you understand how frustrating it can be to conduct thermostat troubleshooting, pinpoint the problem, and correct it, especially if you can’t fix it yourself and must rely on a professional for last-minute or after-hours repairs.

Your system can fail for a variety of reasons. A common issue with many methods may be discovered with the thermostat on your wall, requiring some thermostat troubleshooting or contacting our professional AC service in Fort Myers, FL.

AC Problems That A Thermostat Might Cause

Here is a brief list of how a faulty thermostat can affect an air conditioner.

  • Thermostat Placement is Incorrect

A thermostat installed in an inconvenient location can disrupt the system’s operation. Thermostats should never be exposed to direct sunlight. Because the thermostat is the central command for your HVAC unit, heat from the sun can significantly impact your system’s overall operation. Because of the higher temperature caused by sun exposure, the thermostat may register that the temperature is much higher than the temperature in the surrounding area. This can lead to reduced or uneven cooling.

  • Unleveled Thermostat

If your thermostat is not positioned evenly along your wall, it may not function properly. This is especially true for those that use a mercury bulb to detect temperature. This occurs because the thermometer must be even to perform; if your air-con thermostat isn’t working, it could be because it can’t see the temperature.

If you realise that your thermostat is tilted, this can cause problems for your system. The installer must resolve the issue. If the thermostat was installed correctly but has become tilted due to home settling or another change, you will need to contact our AC service expert in Fort Myers, FL, to return it to its proper placement.

  • The Low Battery of the Thermostat

Many people are unaware that their thermostat contains batteries. While only some of them do, those that are battery-powered can only succeed if their power source is sufficient. Replace your batteries as soon as you notice they are low. Otherwise, you risk having fluctuating temperature measurements that end up causing your unit to either turn on or turn off, resulting in uneven cooling. The batteries will eventually fail, and your HVAC unit will stop working.

  • Old Thermostat

Thermostats, like any other appliance in your home, wear out. Wear and tear can render your system unusable or show signs of faulty activity before the rest of the system requires replacement. You may notice that the efficiency with which your system operates begins to deteriorate over time or that your system ceases to function entirely.


If your thermostat is not working correctly, the experts at Island Aire Of Southwest Florida Inc can determine the cause and consider replacing the faulty thermostat for you. You can upgrade to a newer thermostat with programmable features that you can control with your phone or a remote in some cases. You may contact us at (239) 935-8880 for reliable HVAC maintenance in Fort Myers, FL.