Disadvantages Of Not Servicing Air Conditioners Regularly


Summers in Florida can get unbearably hot, and the time you stay indoors and how comfortable you are depends on the efficiency of your air conditioner. Whether your AC is brand new or older, it needs attention and regular AC maintenance in Fort Myers, FL, to perform the job it is supposed to do. Many homeowners think maintenance is not worth the money, but the reality is that you will end up paying more for an ineffective HVAC system if it is not maintained.

Disadvantages of Not Servicing the Air Conditioners Regularly:

Here’s a list of things that are possible to fail in an air conditioner that isn’t maintained regularly:

  • High Energy Bills

If you can leave your air conditioner unattended, you will have to work hard to maintain your living space at a comfortable temperature. If issues aren’t addressed, or germs have accumulated within the air conditioning system, you’ll need lots of energy to help the air conditioner and get less of it. Regular AC service in Fort Myers, FL, ensures you get the most effectiveness from your unit.

  • Allergens and Mold Buildups

Air conditioners play a significant role in maintaining high-quality air during the hotter months. An appropriately maintained AC unit removes pollen, mold spores, allergens, and other factors that impact the quality of the air you breathe in your home.

The units that aren’t maintained regularly allow mold and allergens to enter the unit and eventually into the air you breathe, resulting in allergic reactions or the development of illnesses due to mold exposure.

Children are more prone to developing health issues due to allergens and mold entering the air they breathe. If you have kids living in your house, you owe it to them to ensure that your air conditioning unit is checked regularly, cleaned, and maintained.

  • The Risk of Breakdowns

Scheduling regular AC service in Fort Myers, FL, ensures that our experts have tested for each issue with the air conditioner unit. This means that any issues are fixed quickly and efficiently, and the completion of multiple issues that develop on top of another problem is prevented. Regularly scheduled maintenance for your air conditioner will greatly reduce the possibility of your unit’s air conditioner breakdowns.

Breakdowns can cause your air conditioner to stop functioning until it’s repaired. Breakdowns can be costly, particularly if your AC unit is damaged beyond repair. Replacement may be a better option in this case.

Bottom Line

If you know you will be using your air conditioner in the summer, get in touch with Island Aire of Southwest, FL. If you have questions about improvements or how to take care of your home, we’re ready to speak with you regarding the most effective options to keep your family and you at ease during the summer heat. Call us at 239-935-8880 to fix an appointment for AC maintenance in Fort Myers, FL.