How Do You Test A Furnace Thermostat?

Thermostats are temperature regulating devices that detect the surrounding temperature and help maintain the desired temperature with the help of HVAC systems. According to the HVAC contractors in Naples, FL, you should check the thermostat if your HVAC starts acting improperly.

Signs That Indicate the Fault Lies in the Thermostat

According to the heating repair experts, here are some signs that indicate you should call the technician to fix or replace the thermostat before something else happens: 


  • The thermostat is not working


    If your thermostat does not display anything, it is an indication that the thermostat is not receiving power to continue the operations. You should replace the batteries in old thermostats and try changing the settings in modern thermostats. Moreover, you check the electrical connections by pulling the thermostat board with the help of a screwdriver. 
  • The room temperature and thermostat temperature do not seem to match


    If you feel a difference in the room and thermostat temperatures, then it is better to call the HVAC contractor in Cape Coral, FL, and inspect your thermostat. There is a calibration issue with the thermostat that needs to be fixed. 


  • Your HVAC system does not turn


    One of the earliest signs of a thermostat malfunction is when your HVAC system does not follow your thermostat commands. Even after hitting the buttons several times, if the furnace does not turn on, there is likely a problem with the thermostat. 
  • Your HVAC system does not turn off 

The thermostat is a control that helps you run the furnace system. If there is a fault in the wires connecting the heating system with your thermostat, the system will not receive the signals and will work improperly.

How to Know Whether the Fault is in the Thermostat?

Here is a step-by-step guide by the HVAC contractor in Naples, FL, to know whether the issue is in the thermostat or the furnace system: 

  • Change the thermostat temperature by five degrees lower and higher than the set value.
  • Check whether the thermostat is in on mode and the setting is in auto mode.
  • If the above two steps do not fix the problem, turn down the furnace and thermostat breaker. Use a screwdriver to pull out the thermostat from its place and check whether all the wires are properly in their place. Look for loose or worn-down electrical wires.
  • If loose wires exist, tighten and attach them appropriately and complete the circuit. Now, turn on the breaker and see if it works.
  • If the thermostat does not work, re-examine the wires. Now, locate the red and white wires to turn on the furnace system.
  • Remove the furnace wires from their port and wrap them together. Now, switch the breaker and see if the furnace system turns on. If it does, it is an indication the thermostat is not functioning appropriately.

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