What Should You Examine If Your Furnace Breaks Down?

As the temperature drops and the winter months become more frigid, getting comfort from a functioning furnace is necessary. Furnaces play a vital role in your home; their absence can cause major disruptions and discomfort. 

Ensuring that your furnace functions correctly and has no problems is crucial. It’s recommended to have an inspection of your heating system by an experienced HVAC technician before the winter season kicks in.

What Should You Determine If Your Furnace Isn't Functioning?

  • Strange smells
    A strange smell is an indication that something is not right in your furnace. When you start the heating system, the initial few furnace cycles could cause an unpleasant smell reminiscent of burning dirt. The burning odors may indicate a blocked air filter or dirty heating. If you smell burning gas, call a specialist for heating repair in the Bonita Springs or Naples, FL area.
  • Suspicious sounds
    Furnaces make certain sounds, but if you’ve had yours for a long time, you’re likely familiar with the typical sounds of ticks and rattles. The thermostat is triggered when it turns on the furnace, and the air that flows through the vents produces a sound.

    Crackling, snapping, or sizzling sounds could indicate electrical problems. The high-pitched squealing and shrieking sounds indicate the slipping of blower motor belts and parts of the blower that require lubrication. Grinding sounds are a result of shot-blower bearings.

    A humming sound could result from a failed blower motor or compressor motor. Likewise, the constant click is the result of relays that are failing. All these sounds suggest your furnace isn’t functioning correctly and requires heating repair in the Bonita Springs or Naples, FL area.

  • Unusual appearances
    A furnace strewn with dust and dirt may not work properly and will soon display more severe issues if these signs are neglected. Moisture marks, burn marks, and rust is signs that a furnace is not functioning effectively. When you look deeper into the furnace, you can inspect the blower fan to determine whether it’s blocked with dirt and dust that requires elimination.

  • Yellow flame
    Open the burner compartment of a gas furnace and examine the flame. The yellow flame is deficient in oxygen, which is usually the result of dirty burners. Additionally, it produces more carbon monoxide, which can be harmful. You should call a skilled professional for heating repair in the Bonita Springs or Naples, FL area.
  • Fresh filters
    Examine your filter to determine whether it’s dirty enough to change or clean it. If you don’t maintain your filter, it will cause more issues and a blocked filter results in a furnace that requires immediate attention.

  • Keep the drain running
    If your furnace is equipped with drainage lines, they may be clogged with debris or mold if they’re not regularly cleaned. To ensure that these hoses are running correctly, take them off and clean them using bleach and water every time you notice that they are getting dirty. A simple maintenance routine for smaller parts such as this can ensure that your furnace runs better.

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