How Often Should A Heating System Be Serviced?

It is essential to ensure that your home is winter-ready to withstand seasonal fluctuations. It is important to confirm that your HVAC systems are regularly serviced and maintained promptly by reputed HVAC contractors in Naples and Fort Myers, FL

How Often Should You Check the Maintenance of Your Furnace?

The HVAC system keeps the home environment comfortable regardless of the temperature outside. The system works throughout every season to keep the indoor air cool. It’s among the most vital elements of your home, and you’ll want it to work every day. It is recommended to maintain your heating system twice a year.

As with all appliances, equipment, and gadgets, HVAC systems are susceptible to malfunctions, so you should ensure they are maintained annually before winter use.

What Exactly Does This Service Entail for My Furnace?

If you decide to have your furnace fixed, you can be sure that an expert technician will examine it thoroughly. HVAC contractors in Naples and Fort Myers, FL, know what to look for. For instance, the heat exchanger is checked for any signs of corrosion, and drains are checked for leaks or jams. The door to the blower is examined to determine whether it’s durable enough or requires more seals.

Checklist For Heating Service

  • Thermostat calibration: Before calling an expert, the first thing to do is check if your thermostat is calibrated correctly. Try resetting your thermostat before calling a professional for heating repair in Naples and Fort Myers, FL.
  • Indicators for the machine: Do you typically notice a green light appearing on your heater? You need to call a specialist to solve the issue if it’s red.
  • Circuits that are blown or fused: If you have experienced an electrical or circuit issue, the problem might be your fuse or the circuit breaker that might have blown. You don’t need to call an expert. You can replace them yourself.
  • Clear outdoor unit: If the outdoor unit contains grass clippings, leaves, or other debris in the vicinity, then that might be the issue. This blockage is hindering the flow of air to your heating unit. Please clean it up and check the heating unit.
  • Disconnections: If the electric plug in your unit discharged, the unit might not be working because it doesn’t have access to electricity.
  • Dirty filters: Examine the air filters of your outdoor and indoor units. They are the ones responsible for maintaining the proper airflow. If they are blocked, you might not get warm air. It is possible to clean your filters by washing them with water and soap.

Bottom Line

Heating systems can operate optimally with regular tune-ups and maintenance. Every furnace manufacturer recommends annual maintenance that a trained technician performs in accordance with their warranties. You cannot be held responsible for any damage caused to the system due to the absence of maintenance.

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